The Law Office of Robert Sakai is located in Hayward, CA and serves the cities of Hayward, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Fremont, Union City, Oakland, San Ramon, Alameda, Pleasanton and Danville. I have limited my current practice to Probate, Wills and Trusts, but I have historical expertise in Zoning & Use Permits with over three decades worth of experience.






The Law Office of Robert Sakai: Hayward CA Attorney Provided Zoning and Use Permits Expertise for Over Three Decades


As an attorney in the city of Hayward with over three decades' worth of experience, I have developed many strong and lasting relationships with my clients. They appreciated the fact that I was readily available by phone or email, 7 days a week. They knew that for over 30 years I have donated my time and expertise helping numerous community groups.


For zoning and conditional use permit matters, I have an excellent reputation with Hayward’s staff, Planning Commissioners and City Council members. When necessary, I worked with former supervisors in the Planning Department and Public Works Department to assist my clients in working with City staff. Frequently my clients came to me after the City of Hayward Planning Department has turned them down. I have had a very high success rate for getting the Planning Commission and/or City Council to grant their request despite opposition that they might initially encounter. I worked with my clients to find the ideal solution to their needs and then worked with city officials to make it happen.


My experience and skill in zoning and conditional use permits is best illustrated by a case I had several years ago. A very successful paintball facility in an industrial area of Hayward was shut down by the city because they didn’t have a conditional use permit. The planning department took the position that such a use didn’t belong in the industrial area and were adamantly opposed to such a use in that area. I helped my clients apply to the Planning Commission for a conditional use permit.


Based on my knowledge of the Planning Commission, I worked with my clients to create a presentation for the Planning Commission hearing that clearly illustrated the widespread support for the facility, the wide age range of users, including parents and children, and the fact that it could be safely operated in the industrial area. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to grant the conditional use permit.    .


I didn’t say a word during the presentation, having arranged for my client and selected paintball customers to satisfy the Planning Commissioners’ concerns with their testimony. The presentation was so memorable that Planning Commissioners continued to ask me how the facility is doing, several years after the hearing.


My recent successes in Zoning & Use Permits and land matters in the city of Hayward include securing approval for:


• The 28 acre Mt Eden Business Park
Magnolia Place, a 15 acre single family residential project
• Conversion of the Goodwill store to a Yamaha motorcycle dealership


These are just a few examples of how I've successfully met the needs of my clients.